Hey guys!

So this is the second installment of my in flight series with local Atlanta bmx rider Jordan Russel. For this installment we went to 3 locaitons, a bridge by the Georgia State Marta Station, King Memorial Marta Station and the Krog Street tunnel.

These locaitons felt a little more intimiating because it was a non school related spot and many times people become vigilantees against action sports athletes practicing at anywhere else but a skatepark. That being said, there was more of a pressure to hit more jumps the first time and me to capture good images the first try so we could leave and not riskded the awkward situation of begin escorted out of a place. I will say theres a rush in photography of shooting at somehwere you shouldn't be. It reminds me of the days I used to try and get on rooftops. Anyways, enough nostalgia. Here are my favorite photos form this shoot.

Photos by: Chris House



1.) Do stuff like this on a weekday afternoon. I did it on a Thursday and was completely left alone.

2.) Adding the pressure of getting a shot in the first try makes you pre-visualize more and try and nail everything. It may take some time to perfect, but it helps you in the long run

3.) I found so much enjoyment in taking photos like these, I'll  be doing more.

4.) Limitations aren't a bad thing

5.) As a street photographer you just have to think about taking well known spots and representing them in a different light