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So if you haven't noticed, I absolutely love taking photos of people in different settings. There's something about capturing a moment in time with a person in frame. Recently I was able to work with a local bmx rider named Jordan Russell to work on a motion project where I take Georgia State's campus and make it my photographic playground. Jordan has been riding bikes for a long time. I met him at my second job. We have had a great working relationship, I love what we come up with. So here is some of my favorites from our set at Ga State 

Photos by: Chris House

A lot of the shots were super coordinated. These shots took at least 2 times to perfect. Every jump he did he practiced and gave ideas on how to make the image look right. It was great to work with a rider that has a nack for being part of the creative process. I have shot with this guy before and we've been kicked off campus for taking photos of him bmx riding. Luckily this time we didn't. You'll be seeing more from this guy and me.

Takeaways from the session:

1. Make sure your focus mode is set to "ai servo" this will let your camera auto focus for object in movement. You should also have your shutter mode on continuous shooting to be able to capture a series of motion

2. Appeture can be tricky to nail in things like this. Don't let your appeture setting stay low. It's ok to have it at f4 or above.

3. Late afternoon lighting is awful, but you can work with it creatively (look to shadowed areas)

4. I don't shoot action sports often, but I'd like to, this is good practice 

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