I was able to spend some time with Fit For A King, The Word Alive and Out Came The Wolves for the "Dark Matter Tour" during their Atlanta stop on March 14th. The tour started February 19th and ended at the "So What Festival" March 20th. The tour was routed all over he United States, starting in California and ending in Texas.

Photo by: Chris House

Photo by: Chris House


I was able to spend a little time with Fit For a King and Out Came the Wolves before the show. I've got to say, the dynamic and energy in the greenroom was awesome. The guys all interacted like familiar friends even though this was their first tour together and Out Came The Wolves first tour ever. Fit For a King's set was face melting and full of sweaty, fist pumping energy. Their tightness as a mature band shows. While I wasn't familiar with Out Came the Wolves their infectious music had kids that had never heard of them banging their head and made me a fan for sure.  Here's some of Fit For a King and Out Came The Wolves set highlights 

Photos by: Chris House

The headliner, The World Alive has had prominence in the metalcore scene since their debut album. They have constantly improved on their music and it shows live. They put energy into every song, and are great showmen as well as musicians. Here's a few of my favorite photos from their set 

Photos by: Chris House

Some things I learned from this concert were:

1. Get your press credentials as soon as you get to the venue 

2. Great bands put so much into their live performances, no matter how exhausted they are from long tours

3. The music industry is more complicated than I thought

4. Learn how back button focus on your camera

5. The Masquerade security does what they can to look after photographers