Hey guys! 


So I get to shoot a lot of fellow creatives these days. It’s cool to be a photographer that can document other people… Atlanta is quickly becoming a city unlike any other, with such a young generation of already skilled creators. From photo, video, design and fashion Atlanta in my opinion is prime to become like New York or Los Angeles in terms of being known both nationally and internationally.


Anyways, my most recent session was with Chancer Smith. Chancer won the Atlanta Short Film Festival (audience choice) and Creative Loafing’s film festival for his film "The Thin Line". It's a documentary that follows the narrative of individuals pursuing their dreams. Here's a link to it: http://clatl.com/freshloaf/archives/2015/03/04/scenes-from-cls-5th-annual-short-cuts-film-contest-screening .

He was also flown to Miami by Revolt Tv for the Spike Lee film festival. I was able to talk with him about creating art in general, life as an artist and the future of both our careers and the city. We also talked about what the future of creative work will look like for Atlanta and what challenges our generation faces creatively.

One thing I learned through this shoot is how to creative direct a bit more, a lot of times photographers will bumble around and not pose people, try a concept out or even just make it really awkward. As a photographer, you need to be able to control a photoshoot and coordinate with your models. I'm a firm believer that anyone can model, if coached and posed well. That may be controversial, but I think photographers just need to be a great communicator